Canon Tech Talk 2/2016 Outlook Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

After the announcement of the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II the question arises what does it mean for the replacement of the current Canon 5D – the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Based on the 1DX II Canon Rumours  ( posted some specs they expect to be in the new 5D model:

– 28MP:   I would be happy with that, 30 or 32MP wouldn’t be to shabby either.

– 9fps:   already a significant increase, but I’m hoping for 10fps like in the 7D II

– 61AF point system:   l guess it will be more or less identical to the 1DX II. If the AF points are spread over a larger area similar to the 7D II l would be very happy.

– CFast & SD card slots:   I really hope Canon decides to integrate a CFast slot into the 5D IV – that would be fantastic – no more worries about slowed down frame rate due to a full buffer (in the 1DX II up to 170 RAWs in one go :-))

– Touchscreen:   not on top of my wish list

– build in GPS & WIFI:   Would love to have WIFI (e.g. remote control).

This camera body would come close to my dream body – a realistic one (more on my dream body & lens in a future post). Let’s wait & see what Canon comes up with.

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